Hi, We're Tande Thai

We can't wait to share our passion for Thai cuisine with you. Led by Chef Paul Imjard, a native of Thailand, our restaurant has a family origin with a big vision.

Our menu and service go beyond your favorite neighborhood Thai spot, marrying elevated cooking techniques with the flavors of traditional dishes from all over Thailand. Drawing inspiration from the recipes of his childhood, Paul and his mother have developed a sophisticated menu with a focus on deliciously complex flavors and scratch-made dishes.

Our motto at Tande Thai comes from a traditional blessing: “Eat well, live well.”

Everything we do here serves that motto. From the expertly-sourced, high-quality ingredients, to the thoughtfully designed menu and warm, inviting space, our team knows that every part of a meal can nourish both the body and soul.

We believe in the power of slowing down and savoring the experience, because eating well makes for a life well lived. We hope you’ll stop in, stay a while, and enjoy the Tande hospitality.

Meet Chef Paul Imjard

A culinary career wasn’t always Paul’s plan. With a background in engineering and a successful investment management career of 15 years under his belt, Paul’s experience is vast and varied. But after years working in the corporate world, he began to desire more out of life—specifically, the ability to share his appreciation for his native culture and its delicious cuisine with others.

Still hard at work at his full-time corporate job, Paul helped his family launch their first restaurant in 2012. In 2019, he committed to the restaurant full time while working on plans for a new upscale concept. While the pandemic put those plans on pause, Paul took the time to reconnect to his birthplace and returned to Bangkok as a way to immerse himself in the latest trends in Thai foods and flavors. During this time, he also completed the classical chef training program at Le Cordon Bleu to deepen his knowledge of culinary techniques so he could eventually apply these refinements to his new menu.

Tande Thai was born out of the groundwork of Paul’s first family restaurant, his love of his home country, his commitment to providing top-tier dining experiences, and his desire to elevate a cuisine he knows so well.

The result is a labor of creativity and care, and it shows in every dish.